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Teacher Stories

Elementary science and geography

Loudoun County elementary schools, Virginia: Students crowdsource data about birds and environmental conditions using ArcGIS Online.

7th-grade general science

Winfield Middle School, Winfield, West Virginia: For an activity on ecological pyramids, students use a teacher-created ArcGIS Online map. They see regions, measure areas, analyze tables, and determine population densities.

Middle school after-school program

Sentinel Public School, Sentinel, Oklahoma: To create a more educational walking path for residents, a student service learning team uses ArcGIS Online to measure and map a local walking path and build and share data about trees along the path.

High school math

Bow High School, Bow, New Hampshire: Students use ArcGIS Online to study a local lake by measuring the area of specific depths to calculate volume, and compare flow rates to determine recharge speed and differential impact in the watershed.

10th–12th grade GIS CTE

Byron Martin Advanced Tech Center, Lubbock, Texas: Students use smartphones and an ArcGIS Online map to gather field data, then analyze various measurements about trees in a local cemetery plagued with mistletoe, and finally present their findings.

11th–12th grade Advanced Placement Human Geography

Bangor High School, Bangor, Maine: To study urban geography, students build an ArcGIS Online map of public assets in the city, then analyze spatial patterns relative to local characteristics.

Student Videos

Rikki Vaughan, Kylie Miller

Elementary School/EAST Class

Sonora Elementary, Springdale, Arkansas

Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy

Math, Science, and Technology Magnet Academy

Roosevelt High School, East Los Angeles, California

GeoSpatial Semester

GeoSpatial Semester

Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia

Science Class

Science Class

Clark Magnet High School, La Crescenta, California


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English/Language Arts

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Informal Education

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Community Study

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